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For every pair of
pajamas sold,
Sugar Doodle Kids
will give a meal to a
child in need.

Because No Child
Should Ever
Go To Bed Hungry!

Our Newsletter

Giving Back

How We Give

At Sugar Doodle Kids, our process of giving back is very simple; for every product purchased, we give a meal to a child in need. Because No Child Should Ever Go To Bed Hungry. Sugar Doodle Kids believes that by working with credible, respected and efficient organizations that are working to fight hunger in the world every day we can make the most of each committed meal and to each child in need. We work with these organizations strategically in order to help the greatest number of children and distribute the meals to children in the world together. Many of the organizations that we work with also focus on combating hunger at the root causes such as poverty, education, natural disaster crisis situations, political instability and long term sustainability in providing food in their own communities. We gain valuable insight in understanding the greatest demands for children's hunger by listening and working closely with these partners. Together we focus on meeting the most immediate needs for children's hunger nationally and internationally; making the greatest impact we can with every meal we give short term and long term. 

We also do Sugar Doodle Kids Food Drops which consists of us directly serving children meals. We have always wanted to make sure that while we give to organizations we still have the opportunity to meet, care and provide for the children we are privleged to serve and help. We know that without you, we could not do this incredibly important cause. We invite our supporters to come with us and participate in doing these incredible events to serve children and give back too. We want as many of our supporters to experience this and we feel like it is an obligation that we owe to our supporters. Although we cannot take all of our supporters we periodically do have opportunities that you can come and participate and serve these children.

Sustainable Giving

We want to do more than give a meal away to a child and walk away from him or her not knowing if they will be given a real chance to succeed once we leave. That is why we also work with organizations that encourage and give children opportunities to succeed through education, developing life skills and maintaining good health. We also assist in teaching children and their families how to contribute to their society, to gain a living and then go into the world to succeed. This allows them to eventually support themselves and their families. We know that in order for this to happen, we must allow them to have an opportunity to succeed. Children cannot do this if they are hungry, malnourished or stricken with disease. That is why we are here. At Sugar Doodle Kids, our goal is to give these children an opportunity to dream again, a chance to have hope, to live, to laugh, to learn, to be a kid and the reassurance that they will be able to have the basic need of nutrition met. If we can help in this fight, we know we can work to win the battle against childhood hunger. We hope by doing this, children will live their dreams, ambitions, goals, and have the opportunity to succeed. Because at Sugar Doodle Kids we believe that every child should Dream In Comfort!

Our Giving Partners work to accomplish:

  • Identify Key Children's Hunger Areas In The World - Together we find the greatest demand for children's hunger nationally and internationally and then put a plan in place to go and serve these communities and children. 
  • Help Our Contributions Make a Bigger Impact - Because the partners we work with are established in the communities we are giving meals to, they can make sure that our meals will be recieved by children and the proper care will be given to children that may need medical attention in order to help cure diseases and other related illnesses due to hunger.
  • Sustainable Giving - We want all of the children who receive meals from Sugar Doodle Kids to grow, learn, thrive and then be able to become productive citizens within their communities and learn sustainable ways to provide for themselves and families. We work with our partners to not only give meals but to help advance children to success and accomplishing their dreams in life. 
  • We Listen & Improve - We rely on our giving partners to give us feedback on how to improve the effeciency of giving meals within certain communities, while making sure that our processes are working to fight hunger for these communities and children.
If you or your organization is interested in becoming a Sugar Doodle Kids Giving Partner, please email Giveback@SugarDoodleKids.com