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For every pair of
pajamas sold,
Sugar Doodle Kids
will give a meal to a
child in need.

Because No Child
Should Ever
Go To Bed Hungry!

Our Newsletter

Judge Designs

So you are ready to be a judge. You have what it takes. We are excited to have you judge our awesome Sugar Doodle Designs! Ok, here’s the scoop on the Sugar Doodle Kids judging process.  JUDGE DESIGNS

vote.jpgFirst, all of the designs submitted to Sugar Doodle Kids will be reviewed to make sure that the artwork can be useable and is appropriate. We want the art work to be unique, and fun! We know how hard each one of our artist put into their work no matter how old they are, so we pay special attention to all aspects of the piece including the artist’s description of the artwork and their age.

After the designs are reviewed for approval the designs will be placed on our website, blog and other social media outlets.

Next, consumers, fans and honorable judges can get to work promoting your favorite designs!  

The winning designs will then be placed into production for the pajamas and the winners will receive their cash award.

The awards are as follows:

Ages 4-8 $50

Ages 9-13 $75

Ages 14-17 $100

18+/Artist $300