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For every pair of
pajamas sold,
Sugar Doodle Kids
will give a meal to a
child in need.

Because No Child
Should Ever
Go To Bed Hungry!

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Our Whole Idea

Sugar Doodle Kids is a children’s sleepwear company, but we are not your traditional children’s sleepwear company, we are on an awesome social mission to give back and help conquer children’s hunger in the world, while providing the hippest and most amazingly designed children’s sleepwear products in design, comfort, quality and pure awesomeness.

Sugar Doodle Kids products include children’s pajamas, while we hope to add bedding, slippers, books, bubble bath, bath towels, sleeping bags, and much, much, more products to hit the sack. These products are designed and created in what we call the Sugar Doodle way. Our approach to designing and creating children’s sleepwear products, such as pajamas, is what we hope to be a fun and rewarding process for all who participate in our Sugar Doodle magic. The pajamas that are sold are designed based on the creations from talented and creative children and artists. They submit their artworkrobotweb.jpg and designs to Sugar Doodle Kids via its website, during what are called, Sugar Doodle Kids “design competitions”, which are fun competitions that are based on different themes, because come on the skies the limit! Sugar Doodle Kids then posts the most amazing artwork yours eyes will ever behold onto our website, the designs are then voted for online by our awesome fans like you, or fans of some really cool artists through our online community on sugardoodlekids.com, or via Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Once these incredible designs have been voted on, the top designs are put onto our pajamas and other sleepwear products and are produced just for you.

Through the income we produce we are then able to support our social endeavor and mission to serve the children who are suffering from hunger in the world. We do this process for all of our amazingly crafted products. Through this unique business model, we pay our amazing designers, children and artists, a fee based on their awesomeness and incredible artwork. Then onto our social mission, and that is for every pair of pajamas or any other Sugar Doodle Kids products sold, it will give a meal to a hungry child in need. Because No Child Should Go To Bed Hungry! Sugar Doodle Kids feels an obligation and duty to contribute to the 400 million hungry children in the world, and we believe that all children should have the ability to Dream In Comfort.

Sugar Doodle Kids will work with many different organizations that focus on children’s hunger. Through these strategic partnerships and other non-profit organizations that focus on children’s hunger, we will not only donate money to these causes but also join them in fighting to serve these children, while helping uplift these communities by solving other related problems that stem from hungry children. By doing this we hope to help the underlying issues of children’s hunger such as poverty, education, health, and the economic outlook for children. We look to advance their dreams be living healthy young lives, which allows them to become productive children and eventually contributing members to their communities. Hunger affects every aspect of human development. 
Without good nutrition; A child’s growth will be stunted. His/her intellectual and motor skills will be impaired. His/her malnourished body will become more vulnerable 
to disease, and most likely, he/she won’t have the energy-needed for school. If he/she survives to adulthood, their economic prospects could be bleak. We intend to change this for the world at Sugar Doodle Kids one Sugar Doodle product one child at a time!

We are committed to giving every child an opportunity to succeed and in eliminating children’s hunger in the world, while at the same time creating the highest quality products, and giving all artists a platform to create a name, design pure awesomeness and show their amazing work to the world through our products. We hope you will join us in our cause in wherever you think you fit into the Sugar Doodle family. Let’s go make a difference for good in the world, and especially for all our children! We welcome you to Sugar Doodle Kids and the Sugar Doodle Kids family!